1 Child suffers personal injury, 3 family members die in accident

Many Missouri people may not even begin to understand the devastation that relatives must experience when they receive news that an accident took the lives of three family members, leaving only one survivor. Apart from having to face funeral and burial costs of several relatives, there remains the fate of the one surviving child to consider. A family from another state was recently involved in a tragic accident that occurred in Camden County, which left only one child alive who suffered personal injury.

Authorities reported that a dump truck’s tire went flat and caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. He smashed head-on into a car carrying two adults and two teenagers, both aged 14. The impact of the crash killed both adults and one child, while the other child suffered severe injuries and was airlifted to a hospital.

The driver of the truck was also killed on impact, and the deaths of the four people were declared at the accident scene. The condition of the injured teenager is not known. An investigation is likely underway to determine the circumstances of the accident.

The relatives of the family that was involved in this tragic accident may want to pursue the recovery of expenses that were brought about by the accident. If negligence of the dump truck driver can be proved, the relatives retain the right to file wrongful death claims, along with a personal injury claim — on behalf of the injured teenager — in a Missouri civil court. The claims would be against the estate of the deceased truck driver, along with any separate owners of the dump truck. Successfully presented claims may result in a court awarding monetary judgment to cover medical and end-of-life expenses.

Source: centralillinoisproud.com, “Three Benson Family Members Die in Missouri Accident”, , July 24, 2014