1 dead from car accident injuries allegedly caused by hill jumper

Many teens have possibly died — or caused the deaths of others — while seeking the cheap and deadly thrill of hill jumping. The higher the rate of speed, the more potential of the car going airborne. However, many things can go wrong while the car is in the air, and one never knows what awaits you on the other side of the hill. An 18-year-old Missouri man allegedly caused the recent death of an unsuspecting motorist and car accident injuries to another.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that a vehicle left the road while trying to avoid hitting a deer. Two other vehicles were stationary in the road and had their hazard lights flashing when the teenager allegedly came flying over the hill. He was reportedly going at an estimated speed of 75 mph and oblivious of the stationary vehicles on the other side of the hill. It was impossible to avoid smashing into one of the two stationary cars, allegedly killing the driver of one.

The impact of the crash caused the smashed car to hit a passenger of the second stationary vehicle, who was outside her car to see whether help was needed at the previous accident. A helicopter transported her to a hospital due to the severe injuries she had suffered. Two passengers of the speeding car suffered moderate injuries and told authorities that they had been hill jumping. The young driver was arrested and is now facing charges related to the death and injuries he allegedly caused, along with a misdemeanor charge for imprudent and careless operation of a vehicle.

Residents of Missouri who have lost loved ones in car accidents that were caused by the negligent driving of another party may pursue recovery of damages that resulted from the accident. Similarly, victims of car accident injuries may wish to seek compensation for medical expenses. By filing wrongful death or personal injury claims in a civil court, monetary judgment may be awarded in cases where negligence is evident. Depending on the circumstances of an accident, additional damages may be awarded according to state laws.

Source: emissourian.com, “Teen Charged With Manslaughter in Two-Vehicle Crash“, Tim Schmidt, July 30, 2014