2 hospitalized after suffering car accident injuries

A drivers whose attention is distracted often fails to see important road signs. Distractions come in many forms such as development and construction activities in the vicinity, mobile devices and more. The high volumes of traffic on Missouri roads require drivers to be alert at all times as even a stop sign that is unintentionally ignored may cause severe car accident injuries.

Two Missouri women were recently hospitalized after suffering serious injuries in a car accident that occurred in an intersection. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that a sedan carrying two occupants was westbound on Missouri Highway 116 just before midday on a recent Monday. As their car entered the intersection with U.S. Highway 69, a northbound driver allegedly ignored the stop sign on U.S. Highway 69 and smashed into the side of their car.

Emergency services rushed the two women to two different hospitals. The driver of the second car was reportedly not showing evidence of injuries at the time. The media report made no mention of any charges that may have been filed.

Missouri residents who have suffered severe car accident injuries may be facing substantial medical expenses. If there is evidence that the accident that caused the injuries was the result of another party’s negligence, the victims will be entitled to pursue recovery of damages. By successfully presenting a personal injury claim in a civil court, they could receive an award of monetary compensation for medical expenses and other financial losses. Additional damages such as pain and suffering may also be awarded as applicable.

Source: newspressnow.com, “2 Polo women hurt in accident“, Oct. 28, 2014