A Boating Accident Lawyer Shares The Most Common Causes of Boating Accidents

A Boating Accident Lawyer Shares The Most Common Causes of Boating Accidents

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With the Lake of the Ozarks, Mississippi River, and many other lakes and rivers throughout Missouri, boating is a popular pastime for many in the state. Unfortunately, with many boats on the water, accidents are bound to happen. Understanding the most common causes of boat accidents may help you and others avoid serious injury or worse. At the Johnson Law Firm, you can speak with a boating accident lawyer who has successfully represented many victims of boating accidents. Call or contact the office today for a free case evaluation.

Operating While Intoxicated

On a warm day, it is common for people out on boats to bring with them alcoholic beverages, but when the operator of a vessel has too much to drink, the results can be devastating. One of the most common causes of boating accidents is operating a boat while intoxicated. An operator is unable to recognize and respond to dangers in the water like other boats or hazards. Their reflexes are slower and their judgment is impaired, making it more likely that an accident will occur.

Operator Inattention and Inexperience 

Operator inattention and inexperience are also common causes of boating accidents. If out on a vessel with others, it is easy for a boat operator to get distracted by passengers or other distractions on the water. Operator inexperience can also lead to dangerous situations, especially when other boat operators expect that everyone has the same level of experience handling a vehicle on the water. Inattention and inexperience can lead to dangerous situations that ultimately result in injury.

Excessive Speed

Excessive speed on the water also causes a number of boating accidents every year. It is fun to go fast out on the water, but operating a boat going too fast can result in an operator losing control or accidentally throwing a passenger off the boat. It is more difficult to avoid hazards or a crash with another vessel. This is particularly true if speeding on the water in areas you do not have a prior knowledge of or when visibility is low.

Machinery Failure

Machinery failure also causes many accidents annually. Defects in boat parts or negligence in maintenance of the vessel can lead to fires, explosions, electrocutions, or crashes while on the water. Some of these accidents may result in liability for the boat manufacturer, and others may ultimately be the fault of those responsible for the vessel’s maintenance.

Weather and Time of Day

Finally, the weather and time of day also contribute to accidents while boating. Boating at night increases the likelihood of an accident, as does boating in adverse weather conditions like rain, storms, or fog. You should always check the weather and the timing of your boat rides before setting out.

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