A teen can become a distracted driver by having a teen passenger

Teens are among the riskiest drivers on the road in Missouri and across the nation. In the past, this was simply due to inexperience and the recklessness of youth. Currently, there are many other dangers and temptations that can influence teens when they are behind the wheel. One major problem amongst teens is distracted driving. While this is often categorized as texting and driving or using smartphones for other purposes, research shows that simply being in the vehicle with another teen can cause a crash.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety states that teens in vehicles with other teens have a higher risk of being in a fatal accident. It has long been known that teens tend to go beyond the posted speed limit and use their handheld devices while driving.

AAA encourages parents to set an example for their children and talk to them about how dangerous it is to engage in distracted driving. Another recommendation from AAA suggests that teens not have more than one teen passenger in the vehicle with them for the first six months after receiving their license. Statistics show that more than one million teens were involved in auto accidents in 2016 with around 3,200 deaths.

Although law enforcement and legislators are actively seeking strategies to make the roads safer, distracted driving is an ongoing fear and these statistics back up how worrisome it is. Those who have been in a crash with a teen who might have been driving distractedly should understand the steps to take to seek compensation for injuries or after losing a loved one. A law firm that is well-versed in investigating all kinds of motor vehicle accidents can help.