Alleged drunk driver charged for causing car accident injuries

Alleged drunk driver charged for causing car accident injuries

A 36-year-old Missouri driver who apparently claims not to remember what happened was recently charged with drunk driving regarding a March accident. A Clay County Deputy was one of two people who suffered car accident injuries resulting from the incident. It appears that this driver was arrested in Johnson County for a DWI offense on a previous occasion, but the disposition of that formal charge was not reported.

The filed documents indicate that the defendant was driving at almost double the speed limit on northbound U.S. 169 prior to the accident. According to prosecutors, the deputy noticed the speeding driver, but before she could pull him over, he veered across the center of the roadway and directly into the lane of southbound traffic. He struck a Jeep and a police cruiser.

The man reportedly submitted to a field sobriety test.  His blood alcohol level was said to be .097 within two hours after the crash. The defendant apparently admitted to being intoxicated, stating that he entered northbound U.S. 169 after realizing his previous route was incorrect, but he indicated that he could not remember anything else. The extent of the injuries suffered by the accident victims was not specified.

Missouri residents who have suffered car accident injuries resulting from the claimed negligence of another party are entitled to pursue financial relief to cover medical expenses and any additional documented financial losses. An injured victim may file a personal injury claim in a civil court. The successful presentation of such a claim may lead to a monetary award in compensation for losses as specified by applicable laws.

Source:, “36-year-old charged for suspected drunk driving crash that injured Clay County deputy“, Stephanie Graflage, Aug. 25, 2015

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