Alleged negligent driver causes 1 death, personal injury to 2

Alleged negligent driver causes 1 death, personal injury to 2

It is often reported that a driver who crashes into another vehicle runs away from the accident scene. This may be due to shock, but could have dire consequences. Fleeing an accident scene — on foot or in a vehicle — will likely result in charges of leaving the scene of an accident where personal injury or death may have occurred, along with any other criminal charges that may be filed. A man is currently in custody, following his arrest after he apparently ran off when he allegedly caused a fatal accident in Missouri.

Authorities reported that they were called to a crash at an intersection in St. Louis on a recent evening. According to the accident report, a northbound driver allegedly ignored a red traffic light at an intersection and smashed into a westbound car. The impact caused the westbound car to crash into a vehicle that was stationary at the traffic light.

The second vehicle’s 20-year-old driver died at the accident scene, and his passenger was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition. The 62-year-old driver of the third vehicle also suffered severe injuries, and the hospital reported her condition to be stable. It was reported that police located and arrested the alleged negligent driver who fled the accident scene. An accident investigation was apparently underway at the time of the media report.

The people who suffered personal injury in this Missouri car accident, and the surviving family of the man who lost his life, are entitled to pursue claims for recovery of damages incurred. Respectively, they retain the right to file personal injury or wrongful death claims in a civil court. Sufficient evidence of negligence and documented losses may result in the court awarding monetary judgments in compensation of financial expenses and other losses that were brought about by the tragic accident.

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