Appa Nursing home abuse and other violations plague Missouri facility rent distracted driver injures Missouri police officer

Family members in Missouri who make the difficult decision to place an elderly or ill loved one in a nursing home do so after serious thought and consideration. Determining if it is the right step, which facility will give the best care and whether there are concerns to address are all part of the process. When there is a belief that a loved one living in a facility is being mistreated or there is clear evidence of it, families are warranted in taking the necessary steps to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

A nursing home that has been plagued by concerns about its treatment of residents and patients is now being penalized. After reports of issues came to light earlier this year, a growing number of patients and family members are complaining. As part of its investigation, state regulators have discovered other problems at the facility.

One patient related stories of how people are being damaged. The man had a knee replacement in late 2017. He went to this facility for rehabilitation and was supposed to receive pain medications and be placed in a machine designed to help his range of motion. However, he was left in the machine for three-to-four times the amount of time he was supposed to be in it.

Help did not arrive even when he was in pain and yelled for assistance. He was unable to use the toilet. Given a bedpan, he was left sitting on it all night without anyone coming to check on him until around noon the next day. After informing his surgeon of his mistreatment, he was signed out and brought to the hospital. He needed to have more surgery to repair the damage that was done to his knee replacement.

Other patients were found to have been injured. One had a problem with a catheter that might have caused sepsis. Others stated they did not get their medications on time or did not receive them at all. Some that needed insulin did not get it, leading to a spike in blood sugar levels. A medication technician was found to be stealing drugs from the facility. The facility was not complying with industry standards and will therefore not receive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for new patients.

While this might seem to be an extreme set of circumstances, nursing home abuse and mistreatment is a common problem. People who have been injured, became more ill or lost a loved one in what they expect was nursing home neglect or abuse have the right to answers and compensation. A law firm that specializes in these cases should be contacted to investigate and pursue a case.