Study finds Missouri has some of the nation’s worst drivers

When you are driving down the highway, you may see other drivers exercising a variety of poor choices-everything from putting on makeup or sending a text message while behind the wheel-that needlessly put others in danger. This may lead you to ask whether your state has the worst drivers in the country. A recent study has given credence to the many people in Missouri who think that their state has the worst drivers. The study, recently released by, was based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mothers against Drunk Driving and the National Motorists Association. To decide which state had the worst drivers, the study looked at factors such as the number of violations of seatbelt laws and laws prohibiting cellphone use or texting while driving for each state. Additionally, the study also factored in the number of drunk driving incidents and car accidents caused by careless driving each year. Once the bad habits of drivers of each state were tabulated, the study assigned a ranking for each state. Although Missouri drivers can rest easily because their state did not win the dubious honor of having the worst drivers (that honor belongs to Louisiana), the study confirmed that the state’s drivers tied with North Carolina for the seventh worst in the country. According to the study, Missouri received this ranking mainly due to the fact that the state had both a high driver fatality and careless driving rate, ranking 29th and 25th worst in the nation respectively. According to the study, only four of the 15 states with the safest drivers ranked highly in these categories. The study noted that states that had high rates of careless driving also tended to have high fatality rates and were thus the most dangerous states for other drivers.

Consult an attorney if injured

The study’s findings confirmed that the states with the nation’s safest drivers had low rates of careless driving, as their drivers paid attention to the road and not their cellphones. Unfortunately, Missouri does not currently have a law prohibiting cellphone use or texting behind the wheel for most drivers. Despite this fact, if you are injured by an inattentive driver in Missouri, you have legal recourse. Under the law, you may be entitled to recover damages for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering from the responsible party. An experienced personal injury attorney can advise you of your claim and can ensure that you receive all compensation due to you by law.