Auto accident risks exacerbated by holiday recklessness

The Missouri roads can be dangerous at any time of year, but research shows that the holidays are significantly riskier to drivers and anyone on the road. While this might initially be perceived to be due to drivers who are under the influence when returning from celebrations, it is somewhat different when the evidence is assessed. Drivers tend to show greater aggressiveness when driving at holiday time. This places people in jeopardy of injuries and death in an auto accident. Understanding the scope of this problem and how harmful it can be can help to avoid an accident. After there has already been a crash, this could be a factor for the car accident victim to seek compensation in a legal filing.

The app company GasBuddy found that drivers’ aggressiveness increases by 200 percent during the holidays. This has sparked the Traffic Management Center in Missouri and other areas to be ready for it by taking steps to make the roads safer. One engineer referenced personal experience in how aggressiveness puts others in danger. The prevalence of people rushing back and forth at holiday time can cause crashes for no reason other than drivers are pushing the limits.

Such issues as road rage, speeding, swerving in and out of traffic and more crop up on the road from the end of November through the new year. This is compounded by people being forced to deal with slow traffic because of clogged roads and the frustration that can create. Agencies and law enforcement are seeking to help people to get to their destinations as safely as possible, but glitches and issues are inevitable. Scheduling changes for traffic lights and other safety measures are made during the holidays and then changed back to a regular schedule after Christmas. Overall, Missouri came in close to the middle of the pack when determining the aggressiveness of drivers in various states at 22nd.

In general, drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians will know how dangerous the roads can be and be as cautious as possible. However, when there are ancillary factors to think about, many are not fully prepared for what they will face when on the road. This research is indicative that the behaviors of drivers who are trying to get where they need to go as quickly as possible will put more people at risk throughout the holidays. When there is a crash, there can be medical expenses, lost wages, long-term damage and even death. A law firm with a history of helping clients who have been confronted with the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents can help with assessing the case and moving forward with a legal filing to be compensated.