Basic driver errors may cause fatal car accidents in Missouri

Reading about a fatal accident that took the lives of three people may remind Missouri motorists how important it is to drive carefully. Many lives have been lost through basic driver errors that caused unnecessary car accidents. A 22-year-old driver may be facing serious charges after he allegedly caused a recent fatal accident.

Highway 185, not far from Sullivan, was the scene of an early morning accident on a recent Friday. Police reported that the young northbound driver of a pickup truck came up to a slower car ahead of him. Although it was going up a hill with oncoming traffic not visible, the pickup truck driver allegedly decided to pass the slower car. The pickup truck smashed head-on into a southbound vehicle.

The driver and one passenger of the southbound car were in their twenties while another passenger was 56 years old. All three died in the accident, and the pickup truck driver sustained critical injuries. He was airlifted to the hospital, and it was reported that his life was not in danger. No charges were filed at the time as the accident was still being investigated. Upon completion of the investigation, prosecutors will decide whether charges, if any, will be filed.

Regardless of the fact that no charges were filed at the time, the families of the three victims who lost their lives retain the right to file civil claims in a Missouri court of law. Claims like these are based upon evidence of negligence that may have caused or significantly contributed to the fatalities, and, if successfully presented, the court may award monetary damages. Fatal car accidents like the one described here could bring about financial hardship. As such, any financial compensations could contribute to alleviating some of these issues.

Source:, “Driver passing on a hill caused wreck that killed three near Sullivan, Mo., police say“, , April 11, 2014