Bicycle accidents under investigation: questions unanswered

Bicycle accidents under investigation: questions unanswered

Cities that are very saturated with pedestrians and bikers make accidents a more likely occurrence. Many pedestrian and bicycle accidents in Missouri are hit-and-run incidents. Head trauma, brain trauma, neck and bike injuries can be life-changing, and medical costs can be staggering. Recently, a Columbia pedestrian was in a bicycle accident that cost him his life.

Many questions remain unanswered for the family of the victim. According to the police, phone calls from concerned motorists tipped them off to the terrible scene. The accident occurred on the highway, where it appears the man was either riding or walking his bicycle before he was struck by oncoming traffic.

Reportedly, a trucker notified the police around 4 a.m. on the morning of the accident that he believed he had hit a deer. Officers are unsure if the two incidents are related. It was not until after 6:30 a.m. that motorists noticed that it was the body of a man in the road and not a deer. A forensic investigator was quickly on the scene to confirm the matter. The accident is under investigation for further details into what might have happened during the crash.

Tragic circumstances can bring about the loss of a loved one in pedestrian or bicycle accidents. Even if a pedestrian or bicyclist in Missouri uses safety precautions, such as helmets and safety pads, they are not always protected from injuries. However, negligent parties can be held responsible for any damages suffered, including future medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs, and pain and suffering for loved ones and families.

Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, Police investigate body found on Interstate 70, Rudi Keller, Oct. 27, 2013

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