Bicycle accidents: Woman pleaded guilty to leaving accident scene

Following up on our blog post about a hit and run bicycle accident on Dec. 2, 2013 (“Bicycle accidents: Missouri Woman fleeing from ‘ex’ kills rider”), a hearing recently took place in a Missouri criminal court. The woman pleaded guilty to charges of leaving the scene of one of the bicycle accidents that happened in Missouri in Nov. of last year. The woman’s formal sentence is scheduled for Sept. 25, but she was instructed to register with parole and probation in anticipation of the sentencing.

The death of the innocent young man on the bicycle was apparently the sad result of domestic violence. The woman testified that she was trying to escape the wrath of her former boyfriend who allegedly rammed into the rear of her car while threatening her with a firearm. Witnesses substantiated her testimony of attempting, but failing, to avoid the cyclist by braking and swerving. She reportedly said that the shock of the crash, along with her fear of the man chasing her, led to her flee the scene of the accident.

She claimed to have been racing in the direction of police headquarters, and once there, she sounded the car’s horn in an attempt to get help. The attempt was in vain as her car was once again smashed from behind by the boyfriend, who was reportedly driving a stolen car. This incident was confirmed by footage obtained from the surveillance cameras in the parking area where this happened. Her ex-boyfriend is still facing murder charges.

Families who have lost loved ones in bicycle accidents on Missouri roads as the result of negligent actions of another party may be entitled to monetary relief for the losses, heartbreak and trauma experienced. A working knowledge of the applicable laws and local court procedures in filing a wrongful death claim may be helpful. Any monetary judgment that is ultimately awarded will not alter what happened, but it may give the surviving family some assistance as they struggle to move forward from the tragedy.

Source:, “Woman pleads guilty to leaving fatal hit-and-run“, Stephen Herzog, March 31, 2014