Biker and his passenger killed in wrong-way Missouri crash

It is not uncommon for distracted drivers to cross into the lanes of traffic that are heading in the opposite direction. While mobile phones often cause distractions, more unusual things are sometimes blamed. After the deaths of a Missouri biker and his passenger, the driver of a pickup truck that is deemed responsible blamed his dog for jumping onto his lap, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.

The accident report that was prepared by the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s indicates that the crash occurred during the afternoon of a recent Sunday. The 49-year-old pickup truck driver was eastbound on MO 72 when he crossed into the westbound lanes. His vehicle smashed into a motorcycle that was heading west. The biker and his passenger were thrown from the motorcycle, causing the deaths of both.

Officers reported that the pickup truck driver’s eyes appeared glassy, and he was allegedly slurring his words. After first blaming his dog, the driver admitted to taking painkillers for relief of pain after recent back surgery. After a breathalyzer test indicated the presence of alcohol, the man also admitted to having some mixed drinks earlier. Blood tests, the results of which are pending, were later done.

The families of the 58-year-old biker and his 60-year-old passenger retain the right to pursue financial relief through the Missouri civil justice system. Wrongful death claims may be filed against the driver deemed to have caused their deaths. Negligence will have to be established before the court will consider all documented claims for economic losses suffered along with emotional damages sustained. This process is typically followed by the entry of monetary judgments.

Source:, “Driver charged in connection to deadly truck v. motorcycle crash”, Zach Robinson, Sept. 26, 2016