Bill would outlaw texting and driving in school zones

While texting and driving is known to be dangerous, Missouri is one of three states that has not specifically prohibited texting while behind the wheel. Since it is known and accepted that distracted drivers substantially increase the danger for accidents, people who are in a crash should be aware of the possibility that it was caused by a distracted driver. After a devastating car accident, a legal filing is often needed to recover damages for all that was lost.

Children are at specific risk of being injured or killed in an auto accident. Because of this, a Missouri lawmaker has proposed that texting and driving be outlawed in state school zones. The worry is that children leaving school are prone to running without watching where they are going, making them vulnerable to being struck by a distracted driver.

A ban on texting and driving would potentially lower the risk to children while they are in the school zone. An exception to the bill is if there is the need to use a cellphone to report an illegal activity or if there is a medical emergency and the call is to emergency responders or law enforcement. People who are caught texting and driving in a school zone would be charged with a moving violation.

After any accident, there can be medical costs, long-term damage and other problems that can severely harm a person’s life for the short and long-term. If the injured person and their family need to seek compensation for all that they have lost, a crash reconstruction and full investigation is required to determine how and why the accident happened. A lawyer experienced in motor vehicle accidents can examine the circumstances of the case and help with pursuing a lawsuit to recover damages.

Source:, “Move to Ban Texting While Driving in Missouri School Zones,” March 20, 2018