C-section saves baby after mother dies from car accident injuries

A Missouri couple’s trip to the hospital for the birth of their baby ended in a tragedy, but also a miracle. A crash occurred, and the car accident injuries caused the death of the mother-to-be, but an emergency C-section saved the life of the baby. Reportedly, the couple’s car was struck by a vehicle that was involved in another crash.

Apparently, a tanker truck smashed into an SUV, and the impact sent it into the car in which the soon-to-be parents were traveling. They were ejected as their car rolled over, and although emergency workers arrived promptly, the 26-year-old mother was already deceased. However, she was rushed to a hospital where the baby — weighing just short of five pounds — was born via C-section. It is reportedly too soon to determine whether the child suffered brain damage from the lack of oxygen.

The 34-year-old father of the newborn suffered multiple fractures to his limbs, and he was rushed to a hospital from where he was transferred to another medical facility. He has reportedly undergone several surgical procedures. No information was provided about the drivers or occupants of the two vehicles that allegedly caused this tragedy.

The legal options for recovery of damages in this case will be complicated, and may be best navigated by an experienced Missouri personal injury and wrongful death attorney. The father will be entitled to pursue recovery of damages related to his car accident injuries. Personal injury and wrongful death claims may also be filed on behalf of the injured child and the deceased mother. An attorney can assess the circumstances and advise the most appropriate way to pursue claims for financial relief for coverage of medical expenses, end-of-life arrangements and for the future care of the child.

Source: parentherald.com, “Newborn Survives Car Crash: Born Through Emergency C-Section From Lifeless Body Of Mother“, Sno-Ann Digon, May 18, 2016