Car accident injuries send 3 to hospital after blazing crash

Rear-end accidents appear to be very common and can result in severe injuries. Missouri readers may be interested to learn that, in addition to whiplash and other back and neck injuries, a rear-end accident could also cause a car to burst into flames. Officials in Lake Ozark reported on a recent accident where three people were hospitalized after suffering car accident injuries when a car was on fire.

The circumstances of the accident are still unclear, but officials suspect that a pickup truck rear-ended a sedan, causing it to burst into flames. The sedan was apparently occupied by two elderly women who were inside the burning car. It was reported that there were witnesses to the incident who rushed to the aid of the women and extricated them from the car that was fully engulfed in flames.

When officers arrived, the accident victims were moved away from the dangerous situation. Both women and the pickup truck driver were rushed to a regional hospital, and the severity of their injuries is unknown. The media report stated that the clearing of the accident scene took only about 15 minutes, and no mention of any charges was made.

Injuries to victims of rear-end accidents may not be immediately evident as back and neck injuries have a tendency to only present problems at a later stage. Such injuries often result in the need for long-term care and rehabilitation that could lead to high medical costs. Missouri residents who have suffered car accident injuries may want to pursue recovery of medical expenses. If negligence on the part of another party is evident, the victims have the right to file a personal injury claim in a civil court. Compensation for medical expenses, along with additional damages as allowed by state laws, may be awarded.

Source:, “Elderly women pulled from fiery wreck in Lake Ozark“, , Aug. 20, 2014