Car accidents: 1 dead and six injured after cross over center

Car accidents: 1 dead and six injured after cross over center

The lives of Missouri road users can change in a matter of seconds. Car accidents are never anticipated, and the consequences often include life-changing injuries or even death. Injured victims of vehicle accidents commonly have to face high medical expenses, and any inability to work may be financially devastating. Fatalities in road accidents usually leave families facing end-of-life costs while grieving a loved one’s death.

A Richmond family lost a loved one in a fatal accident early on a recent Sunday morning. She was a passenger in a car carrying five other occupants when a driver traveling in the opposite direction crossed over into their lane. The head-on collision that followed caused her death and injuries to all other occupants of the car.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that four other passengers suffered injuries classified as moderate and were transported to hospitals in the area. However, the injuries suffered by both drivers were reported to be serious, and they were also rushed to medical centers. Authorities reported that another vehicle smashed into the two wrecked cars after the initial accident, but no further injuries were reported.

Missouri car accidents can create emotional, physical and financial devastation. Victims, including the surviving family of deceased victims, may pursue claims for recovery of losses by taking legal action against drivers deemed to have been responsible. Upon successful presentation of documented evidence of negligence and medical or end-of-life expenses and other damages claimed, a personal injury or wrongful death claim may lead to a monetary judgment.

Source:, “Head-on accident on Highway 210 leaves Richmond woman dead, six others injured”, Jan. 25, 2015

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