Car accidents: 2-car crash near De Soto injures 1 passenger

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that a Bonne Terre resident was injured in a recent two-car crash on Highway 67. According to crash reports, the accident occurred in the early evening of a recent Tuesday in the area of De Soto. As in many other car accidents, it appears this crash followed a driver’s unpreparedness when he had to unexpectedly reduce speed.

It was reported that a 57-year-old southbound driver of a sedan was traveling in the left lane of the highway behind another vehicle that suddenly slowed, catching the sedan driver unaware. He apparently swerved to the right in an effort to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of him but smashed into the back of an SUV that was traveling in the right lane. The SUV was also southbound and operated by a 52-year-old Patterson resident.

The unidentified vehicle that unexpectedly reduced speed was not involved in the crash. The drivers of the SUV and the sedan that rear-ended it reportedly suffered no injuries, but a 44-year-old female passenger in the SUV suffered injuries. She was transported to a hospital with injuries reported to be moderate. Officers said seat belts restrained the occupants of both vehicles at the time of the accident.

Injured victims of car accidents on Missouri roads that were caused by the negligence of other parties have the right to pursue financial aid. A personal injury claim may be filed in a civil court. However, allegations of negligence are not sufficient, and appropriate evidence must be presented before a court will enter a monetary judgment. If successful, the court will consider documented claims for financial losses and other damages.

Source:, “Bonne Terre woman hurt in two-vehicle accident on Hwy. 67 in De Soto area“, Kim Robertson, Jan. 13, 2016