Car accidents: 2 passengers die when teen driver loses control

Teen drivers do not always recognize the fact that the lack of experience can prevent them from taking the appropriate action in emergencies. Teenagers in Missouri often travel in groups, and car accidents caused by them regularly end in lost lives or severe injuries. Such a tragic crash occurred on a recent Friday evening.

According to a report by the St. Louis County police, a fatal accident happened in a suburb of Jennings. Reportedly, a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old female left the roadway and smashed into a tree after she failed to maintain control of it. Authorities said they suspect excessive speed and reckless driving were contributing factors in the wreck.

Police reports indicated that two passengers who were in the backseat suffered fatal injuries. They were a 16-year-old boy from St. Louis and a 15-year-old Jennings teen. At least three others were injured, but the status of the other passengers’ injuries were not in the report. According to police, the driver was unlicensed, and the family court will take the necessary action related to her contribution to the fatal crash.

In car accidents in which teenagers are deemed responsible for fatalities, the surviving family members of those who lost their lives may seek recovery of damages. They may file wrongful death claims in a Missouri civil court, and, along with the drivers, the defendants may include the owners of the vehicles. Before the court enters monetary judgments, it must determine financial liability. For this, negligence must be established and then documented claims for emotional and financial losses will be adjudicated.

Source:, “Police: Car driven by unlicensed Missouri teen hits tree, killing 2”, Nov. 7, 2016