Car accidents: 2 toddlers not in safety seats are killed in crash

Children in cars must always be buckled into safety seats, even on short trips. An accident can happen as soon as a driver leaves his or her driveway. Many Missouri parents have had to cope with the trauma of losing small children in car accidents because they thought all would be safe because they were only driving a short distance down the road. Unfortunately, two toddlers recently lost their lives under such circumstances.

According to the police report, the accident occurred on a recent Monday evening in Hanley when a 21-year-old woman drove to a Metrolink stop to collect the father of her children. Reportedly, she had her two toddlers — ages 3 and 2 — with her in the car. The mother said she did not secure the kids in child-safety car seats, but buckled them into adult seats instead because the planned trip was short.

The accident report indicates that she attempted to turn left at an intersection when an SUV that was driven by a 19-year-old driver smashed into her car. The impact of the crash was in the rear on the passenger side of the car. Reportedly, both the children were ejected from the car. The two drivers and both the children were rushed to a hospital where, sadly, both kids were pronounced dead.

Although the police investigation is still underway, the injured mother may pursue financial relief for her own injuries and the loss of her two children. After car accidents, personal injury and wrongful death claims may be filed in a Missouri civil court. It may be difficult to establish negligence on the part of the other driver, but the guidance of an experienced attorney who is skilled in this field may ease the process. After a successful presentation of evidence to show financial liability, the court will consider all claims for emotional damages sustained, along with financial losses that were suffered.

Source:, “Two toddlers die in crash near UMSL in north St. Louis County“, Kim Bell, Aug. 16, 2016