Car accidents: 6 Missouri teens injured in Ste. Genevieve crash

Car accidents: 6 Missouri teens injured in Ste. Genevieve crash

Significant numbers of teenager drivers are involved in serious auto accidents. Unfortunately, cars can be like dangerously loaded weapons in the hands of some teenage drivers. Six Ste. Genevieve County teens were injured in one of the most recent car accidents involving young drivers in Missouri.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that the accident occurred on Route D in the late afternoon of a recent Wednesday. According to an accident report, a 19-year old driver with one passenger made a left turn directly into the path of another vehicle and struck the front of it. The second car was occupied by a 19-year-old driver and two passengers.

The driver who appears to have been responsible for this crash, and his 15-year-old passenger reportedly suffered moderate injuries. The other driver was seriously injured, and the injuries of his two passengers, ages 18 and 19, were reported to be moderate. All the injured victims were transported to a medical center, though some were later transferred to another hospital.

This Missouri driver may face personal injury claims by some or all the other injured victims. Victims of car accidents caused by the negligence of other parties may pursue litigation for financial compensation to cover medical and other damages. This is true even for passengers of negligent drivers. If the accused driver is not the owner of the vehicle, the person who owns the vehicle may also be named as a defendant. A Missouri civil court will consider all documented losses once financial liability is established.

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