Car accidents can have life-changing consequences

Losing a child who is only 16 years old is not something wished on anybody. Sadly, many such young lives are lost in car accidents on Missouri roads. In many cases, accidents occur because teenage drivers lack the experience and skills to handle emergency situations. These circumstances may have led to the death of a young driver in a recent single-vehicle crash.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s accident report indicates that the incident occurred shortly before midnight on a recent Wednesday. Reportedly, two 16-year-old boys were traveling west on a county road in Savannah when the driver lost control of the vehicle. He was apparently unable to maintain control when the vehicle skidded off the roadway.

The car crashed into a tree, and the impact caused the death of the driver. The teenage passenger reportedly suffered serious injuries, and he was rushed to a medical facility in St. Joseph. According to the accident report, neither the driver nor the passenger wore seat belts.

Such car accidents naturally cause extreme trauma for the families of both the decedent and the injured victim. Regardless of any relationships that may exist between the teens or even the two sets of parents, financial relief may be sought to cover the financial and emotional damages suffered by the child who was seriously injured. However, no monetary judgment will be entered in a personal injury claim against the estate of the deceased driver if negligence until negligence is established to the satisfaction of a Missouri civil court. However, the driver’s apparent loss of control of the vehicle would likely constitute fault so as to allow a civil court to consider documented claims for restitution.

Source:, “Northwest Missouri accident claims life of 16-year old boy”, Tom Johnson, March 3, 2016