Car accidents can impact Missouri police officers

Car accidents can impact Missouri police officers

Car accidents contribute to many injuries and even deaths in Missouri each year. Although some accidents may be unavoidable, at times a negligent driver is to blame and could face charges. Recently, a story involving a police officer outlined how dangerous car accidents can be.

The police officer, who is a sergeant, was headed to work when he observed a car driving in an erratic manner. Upon his observation, he activated his lights to pull over the car. As he was in the process of pulling over the erratic driver who was also speeding, he had to proceed through an intersection at which time he was hit by another vehicle.

The officer was injured upon impact. He had to receive medical attention including staples in his head to close a wound as well as treatment for his ankle, knee, and hand. The driver that hit him received medical attention for minor injuries. The driver also received a citation for failure to yield. While the officer is recovering, he may want to look into his rights to file a civil suit to recover any monetary losses he incurred as a direct result of the accident.

Any Missouri resident victimized in a car accident could benefit from taking a proactive approach and looking into their rights under the state laws. Car accidents can cause a victim to suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. With the proper understanding of the laws, a victim can be more hopeful they can receive monetary compensation to help with medical payments and any other financial losses such as lost wages that are a result of the accident.

Source:, “St. Louis County police officer injured in two-car crash,” July 18, 2013

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