Car accidents: Fiery crash injures 2, kills wrong-way driver

Car accidents: Fiery crash injures 2, kills wrong-way driver

Drivers entering the interstate in the wrong direction have been a concern in many states, including Missouri. Additional warnings and other signage have been installed at many interstate on-ramps, but incidents of wrong-way drivers causing collisions continue to occur. Many such car accidents result in severe personal injury or even fatalities.

One such accident caused the northbound traffic lanes of Interstate 55 to be closed for several hours on a recent Thursday evening. A southbound vehicle in northbound lanes was reported to police at 11:30 p.m. It did not take long for an accident to be reported. An accident report indicated that the wrong-way driver was an 83-year-old man who smashed into an SUV that was occupied by a driver and one passenger.

The SUV reportedly caught fire after it was sent over the guard rail by the impact of the collision. The passenger was ejected, but the driver was pinned in the burning car for some time. However, he managed to get out, and a police officer apparently helped him to escape the danger. Both occupants of the SUV were taken to a hospital. The wrong-way driver lost his life in this accident.

The injured victims will likely be faced with high medical bills and may pursue financial relief to assist with settling those expenses. When evidence of negligence by another party can be established, there may be a viable personal injury claim. In car accidents in which the person deemed responsible does not survive, that person’s estate may be named as a defendant in a personal injury claim that is filed in a Missouri civil court.

Source:, “Kelso man killed in I-55 crash near Scott City”, Amber Ruch, July 17, 2015


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