Car accidents in Missouri often prove fatal

Car accidents in Missouri often prove fatal

Motor vehicle accidents have become an everyday occurrence throughout the country. While some car accidents are trivial, others can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. This was unfortunately the case in a recent accident in Missouri. In this incident, one young man was killed and another was left in critical condition.

On Feb. 11, 2017, a motor vehicle accident involving three cars occurred in Jennings, Missouri. St. Louis County Police stated that the driver who was at fault in the collision was speeding. While traveling westbound, the driver ran a red light and struck the other two cars in the intersection.

A passenger in the at-fault vehicle suffered major injuries in the accident, including a puncture wound to his lower body. Investigators pronounced him dead at the scene of the accident. The driver of that vehicle also sustained injuries in the incident and is currently in critical condition. Police did not make a statement regarding any possible injuries from passengers in the other two vehicles involved.

Loss of life is always tragic. It can be particularly difficult for families when their loved ones’ lives are cut short because of car accidents. In this situation, the family of the deceased victim could file a wrongful death claim against the driver due to his negligence. Any Missouri resident who has lost a family member because of a negligent driver has the same right to pursue a wrongful death claim. If the claim is successful, the victim’s family could then receive damages on behalf of their loved one that can help pay for any costs related to the accident.

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