Car accidents: Missouri boy killed by alleged hit-and-run driver

The loss of a child to a car accident is dreadful and will likely leave parents with a desire to see justice done. Not only will parents who have lost children to car accidents have many unanswered questions, but they will also likely face financial burdens caused by unexpected end-of-life expenses. Missouri parents now have to adjust to life without their son after he was recently killed by an alleged hit-and-run driver.

Police officers reported that a 15-year-old boy was about to get into a car when he was struck by an SUV. Witnesses say that the impact flung the boy through the air and, when he landed, the SUV’s driver proceeded to run over him, almost severing his legs. He was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries. It was reported that witnesses followed the SUV driver who was then pointed out to authorities.

According to court documents, police say the SUV crashed, and the driver had a knife when he got out of the vehicle. Witnesses claim to have been threatened by the driver. The SUV driver was arrested and is accused of hitting the boy on purpose. He is now facing a first-degree murder charge, and it was stated that the case is also being investigated on a federal level as a suspected hate crime. An FBI spokeswoman refused to divulge why the driver is suspected of committing a crime of hate. 

Missouri residents who have suffered severe injuries, or lost loved ones in car accidents that were caused by the negligent actions of other parties, are entitled to pursue compensation for medical and end-of-life expenses. With properly prepared documentation that shows the alleged negligence, along with a successful presentation in a civil court, victims or surviving family members may receive compensation for their losses. In addition to compensating family members for costs associated with the deaths, punitive damages may also be awarded. 

Source:, “Driver charged with murder in Somali teen’s death”, Dec. 6, 2014