Car accidents: Missouri man hospitalized after alleged DUI crash

Driving in Missouri with a blood alcohol content that is equal to or higher than .08 is illegal. Too many car accidents in which people suffer serious injuries or worse are caused by drivers who are intoxicated. A 58-year-old Missouri man recently suffered serious injuries in a collision in Ozark County that was caused by an alleged drunk driver.

According to a report by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, a 30-year-old driver of a pickup truck was northbound on Highway P, not far from Theodosia. For reasons that will likely be determined by accident investigators, the driver lost control of his truck and traveled across the center line. He entered the southbound lanes and smashed into an oncoming car.

Reportedly, the excessive speed of the pickup knocked its engine loose upon impact, and the truck continued traveling uphill for about 100 feet before it came to a halt. The driver of the other vehicle was rushed to a hospital by medical helicopter. The severity of his injuries is unknown. Troopers reported that a Breathalyzer test showed the truck driver’s blood alcohol content to exceed the legal limit. A chemical test apparently later confirmed this when it was determined that his BAC was .128 percent.

People who suffer injuries in car accidents that are caused by the negligence of other parties are entitled to pursue recovery of damages. A personal injury claim may be filed in a Missouri civil court, and once negligence on the part of another person has been established, the court will adjudicate the plaintiff’s claims. All claims must be properly documented and may include financial losses suffered along with any emotional damages that were brought about by the crash.

Source:, “Warrant issued for driver accused of DWI, causing high-speed injury crash”, Jessi Dreckman, Sept. 21, 2016