Car accidents: Passenger suffers serious injury in 1-vehice crash

Car accidents: Passenger suffers serious injury in 1-vehice crash

Whether on a highway or in a local neighborhood, a car accident can happen in an instant. At that moment, the lives of drivers and passengers can change forever. Those who are fortunate enough to survive serious car accidents may be left with debilitating injuries and the high expenses related to immediate and future medical care.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported a single-vehicle crash that occurred in the very early morning hours of a recent Friday. According to the accident report, a 28-year-old driver traveled south on Missouri Highway 48, not far from Maryville. For reasons yet to be determined, the driver veered off the roadway, and the pickup truck cleared a culvert and flipped over to land on its roof.

Both the driver and his passenger, a 22-year-old female, suffered serious injuries. After emergency workers removed them from the vehicle, the driver was airlifted to a medical center, and the passenger was rushed to another hospital by ambulance. The severity of their injuries and their conditions were not reported.

While the cause of the accident likely remains under investigation, the seriously injured passenger may need extensive medical care that will bring about high medical expenses that are commonly associated with car accidents. Furthermore, she might be unable to return to work for some time, leading to even more financial concerns. However, financial relief may be pursued by filing a personal injury claim against the driver in a Missouri civil court. Negligence will have to be proved before the court will consider entering a monetary judgment. If financial liability is established, the victim may receive restitution for documented financial losses.

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