Car accidents: Stationary truck causes fatal crash on I-70

Losing a loved one is naturally one of the worst experiences any family can go through. Learning that lives were lost in car accidents that resulted from the negligence of others is even more difficult to accept. Sadly, many lives are lost on the busy Missouri roads in circumstances that could have been avoided by drivers complying with basic driving rules.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported a fatal accident that occurred on Interstate 70 on a recent Monday night. According to the crash report, a 29-year-old Warrenton woman was eastbound in the left lane of the interstate when she came upon a tractor-trailer that was stopped on the road. Unable to stop her own car in time, she crashed into the rear of the big rig.

Officers said the 55-year-old driver of the tractor trailer missed his off ramp from the interstate. He allegedly stopped in the left lane and was trying to change into another lane. The woman who was driving the car died at the accident scene. The truck driver was taken into custody, and he is now facing felony charges of imprudent and careless driving.

Such disregard of driving rules is unforgivable, and the surviving family members of deceased victims of car accidents may pursue financial relief by holding negligent drivers accountable. A wrongful death claim can be filed in a Missouri civil court, and upon establishment of negligence, the court will award monetary compensation for documented losses. Along with financial losses for end-of-life arrangements and loss of income, emotional damages, such as loss of companionship, may also form part of the documented claims.

Source:, “Warrenton Woman Killed in Crash with Semi Stopped on I-70 Near Wentzville“, Tamara Duncan, May 10, 2016