Careless driving can result in car accidents in Missouri

Careless driving can result in car accidents in Missouri

No matter the cause, collisions can seriously disrupt the lives of those involved. Though some car accidents are not much more than fender benders, others can lead to significant financial, physical or emotional damage. A recent crash resulted in the death of two people and caused injuries to two others. When Missouri residents are injured in accidents like this, they may wish to consult an attorney to help them file claims to deal with these matters.

The crash occurred at a local highway on the afternoon of March 25. One driver was heading east while the other and her two passengers were traveling west. For unknown reasons, the eastbound driver veered out of her lane and crossed the center line into the westbound lane. Her car then struck the other vehicle head-on, causing her car to catch fire.

The driver who allegedly caused the crash and an elderly passenger in the other vehicle were both pronounced dead at the scene. Though the extent of their injuries was not revealed by police, the other driver and her second passenger, a teenager, were both injured in the collision. They were taken to a nearby hospital via ambulance for treatment.

Due to the severity of this incident, the deceased passenger’s family may consider filing a wrongful death claim and the injured victims may file personal injury claims in civil court. Should their respective claims prove successful, they could then receive monetary compensation to help cover the cost of medical bills, funeral costs and other related expenses. Any Missouri residents injured in car accidents could retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to file their own claims.

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