Careless passing of other cars can cause serious car accidents

Passing another vehicle on a road that requires the driver to enter the lane of vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can be dangerous. Many people in Missouri have suffered serious injuries in car accidents that were caused by drivers who passed other vehicles without keeping a proper lookout for approaching traffic. Head-on collisions in these circumstances are not uncommon, and in some cases, lives may be lost.

One such a collision occurred on Route F in Boone County on a recent Wednesday evening. The inexperience of a 17-year-old eastbound driver may have led to him passing another car in unsafe conditions. While he was in the westbound lane, his car smashed into an oncoming car. Two occupants of that vehicle — a 47-year-old male driver and a 14-year-old female passenger — suffered injuries.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that the teenage driver was rushed to a hospital by helicopter for treatment of serious injuries. The two injured victims in the other car were transported to medical facilities by road. According to troopers, none of the injured victims were restrained by seat belts. Officials are using the time of the young driver’s hospitalization to continue their investigation to determine whether he will be cited.

In the meantime, the two injured victims who were in the other car will likely be facing significant medical bills for the treatment they receive. Victims of such car accidents retain the right to pursue recovery of such losses along with emotional and physical damages sustained. Establishing negligence is a prerequisite for a successful personal injury lawsuit. Any separate owner of the vehicle may also be named as a defendant. Once financial liability is determined, the court may enter monetary judgments based upon proof of damages incurred.

Source:, “Head-on crash in northern Boone County sends three to hospital“, Jing Ren, Sept. 1, 2016