Car’s failure to yield and crash kills 2 motorcyclists

Car’s failure to yield and crash kills 2 motorcyclists

Passenger vehicles and motorcycles must share the road and the drivers must be vigilant for everyone to remain safe in Missouri and across the nation. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are common and since riders are accorded very little protection in a crash, they can suffer severe injuries and lose their lives in a crash. One of the key factors to the injured parties and families left behind after a motorcycle accident being adequately compensated for all they have lost is the investigation into what happened and why. Contacting a law firm that has helped many motorcycle accident victims and their families is integral to a case.

car-motorcycle crash led to the death of the of one rider and serious injuries to the passenger. The accident happened at approximately 7:30 p.m. The investigation states that the bike was going west when it was hit by a car going north. The initial assessment indicates that the car’s driver was guilty of a failure to yield and this led to the accident. The riders, a 43-year-old male and a 39-year-old female, were taken to the hospital. The male died around four hours later. The woman was airlifted for treatment and was said to have serious injuries. Both wore helmets at the time of the accident. The investigation is continuing and it is unclear if the driver of the car was cited.

Motorcyclists take to the road with the expectation that drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks will keep an eye on them and give them enough room to ride safely. In truth, many drivers do not pay close enough attention to the road, do not watch for motorcycle riders, and violate the law in various ways making it dangerous and even deadly to the rider. If a rider is lucky enough to survive an accident, there can be brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, cuts and more. This can spark medical expenses, lost wages and the need for medical treatment and care for an extended period. When there is a fatality, the family of the person who died will need to accept the unexpected loss in a personal and financial way. It can be difficult to think about, but a legal filing is often the only strategy to be compensated.

An accident between a motorcycle and a car injured the passenger on the bike and killed the operator. The driver was said to have failed to yield to the bike. As the investigation continues, the family of the man who died and the injured woman must think about the future and contact a law firm that has experience in helping clients seek compensation after motorcycle accidents.

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