Cell phone related car accidents more prevalent every year

Cell phone related car accidents more prevalent every year

The numbers of accidents caused by texting and talking while driving on roads nationwide, including Missouri, are ever growing and creating a raising concern. The National Safety Council says crashes linked to cell phone use are underreported, and the federal fatality data does not present an accurate picture. The NSC creates an annual estimate, and its latest report indicates that such car accidents have increased yet again.

This is the third consecutive year that the number has increased. The data includes crashes that involve drivers using hands-free and handheld devices. Mobile device-related car accidents now make up 27 percents of nationwide automobile accidents — of that amount, six percent represent crashes that occurred when drivers were texting, while the remaining 21 percent involved drivers talking on mobile devices.

It was said that despite programs to create awareness of the dangers of using mobile devices while driving, and the enforcement of related laws, drivers continue to make use of the technology that has increased connectivity. NSC president says the public recognizes the risks that are associated with this behavior, but people still choose to continue using cell phones while they are driving. NSC estimates that the risk of crashing for drivers who text while driving are eight times higher, and the risk factor for those who talk on cell phones is about four times that of people who drive without the distractions of mobile devices.

Missouri residents who have suffered injuries in car accidents that were caused by drivers who were distracted by mobile devices may pursue compensation for medical expenses and other documented losses. This is true even if the victim was a passenger in a car driven by a distracted driver. Similarly, those who have lost loved ones in such accidents have the right to seek financial relief to cover end-of-life expenses. Following a successful presentation of evidence to show negligence, the court may award monetary compensation to cover documented claims as allowed by state laws.

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