Chances of Missouri car accidents increase with distractions

Chances of Missouri car accidents increase with distractions

When a vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, any driver and passengers can become frustrated. If the problem is an easy fix, such as simply running out of gas, hopes of getting back on the road quickly can be high. However, when working on the side of the road, other drivers continuing their travels can pose a potential danger to those outside their vehicle. If another driver is distracted or possibly under the influence, the potential for car accidents significantly increases and can have tragic results.

Two Missouri men were killed as they had stopped their vehicle on the side of a busy roadway and were attempting to put gas in their gas tank. Another driver struck the two men and their vehicle, resulting in the death of both men. It was not reported as to whether the driver sustained any injuries as a result of the accident.

Police believe alcohol to be a contributing factor in the accident, and the driver also admitted to using a cell phone prior to the incident. The driver was charged with second-degree murder for which he was set to appear in court. However, the driver had pleaded guilty and is looking into a deal in which he would serve 10 year sentences for two counts of involuntary manslaughter. Both sentences are possibly to be served simultaneously.

Car accidents have difficult consequences for everyone involved. Though the driver deemed at fault has the possibility of making a deal for a lesser sentence, the families of the deceased victims have no deal they can make in order to make their situation less painful. The financial burdens they may face while arranging the funerals of their loved ones could be significant. They may wish to seek a wrongful death case against the driver in order to seek compensation for their financial strain as well as other damages permitted under Missouri law. As the driver deemed at fault as already pleaded guilty in the situation, the chances of success of a wrongful death claim could be increased.

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