Common Causes of Workers’ Compensation Accidents

There are many different causes of workers compensation accidents, and some contribute to more accidents than others. At the Johnson Law Firm, our knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys are here to enforce your right to compensation and protect your interests during your recovery. If you would like to learn more, call or contact our office today.

Handling Materials

One of the most common causes of workers’ compensation accidents is the handling of material while on the job. Material handling is a major part of many businesses, especially those in manufacturing or recycling. Between 20% and 45% of all workers’ compensation injuries in a given year happen because of handling material. This can include lifting, carrying, pushing, lowering, and pulling material while at work, either manually or with equipment.

Slips and Trips

Slipping and tripping on the job are another common cause of workers’ compensation accidents. Slips occur because there is water, ice, grease, or another slippery substance on the ground that workers traverse. Trips happen because there is loose flooring or carpeting, loose or missing handrails or guardrails, debris in the walking path, or another object that a worker could run into and lose their balance.  


A third common cause of workers’ compensation accidents is falls. Falling happens more often on worksites where employees are working at heights, either on ladders, rooftops, or scaffolding. However, even a fall off of a stepladder in an office can cause significant injuries to a worker.

Strain or Overuse

Another cause of workers’ compensation injuries is strain or overuse. Workers who make consistent repetitive motions at work are most likely to suffer this type of injury as the repetition can wear down the body over time. Strain or overuse can also occur when a person pushes too hard in their job or is asked to physically take on more than they are capable.

Struck by or Collided With Object

Being struck by or colliding with an object is another common cause of workers’ compensation accidents. This type of accident happens most often when there are parts, machinery, equipment, and people moving constantly in a workplace, such as in a factory. However, this type of accident can also occur in workplaces where people and items are not necessarily moving, but a worker accidently collides with something.

Accidents Involving Tools or Machinery

Finally, accidents involving tools or machinery also cause many workers’ compensation injuries every year. These accidents happen most often on construction sites, factories, and other industrial workplaces. Even the most seasoned worker can be injured accidentally by tools and machinery. It may be an accidental self-inflicted injury or one caused negligently by another person.

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