Crash seriously injures Missouri motorcyclist and passenger

Crash seriously injures Missouri motorcyclist and passenger

A variety of factors can lead to collisions on the road. Drivers who fail to take in their surroundings are a common cause of accidents. Whether he was too tired to drive or was otherwise distracted, one Missouri man was charged after a recent wreck that injured a motorcyclist and the biker’s passenger.

The accident occurred as the motorcyclist traveled north on a local highway. As the driver of the other vehicle traveled south, his car crossed the center line. The car struck the motorcycle, causing it to overturn. The force of the impact ejected both the driver of the motorcycle and his passenger. The man drove another two-tenths of a mile before stopping his vehicle.

Though their specific injuries were not revealed, the two victims on the motorcycle were severely injured and taken by Life Flight to a local hospital. Reports do not indicate whether the couple on the motorcycle were wearing helmets. The driver of the car was wearing his seat belt and was uninjured in the collision. Police arrested the driver of the car and charged him with leaving the scene of a crash and failing to drive on the right side of the road, resulting in a crash.

Due to the severity of the injuries suffered by the two victims, they may each consider filing a personal injury claim against the driver of the other car. If a claim is successful, the plaintiff could then receive monetary compensation to help cover the cost of medical bills and any other expenses related to the accident. Any Missouri motorcyclist injured in a crash could meet with an attorney to discuss the available options for filing a claim.

Source:, “Two Hurt, One Charged”, Anita Campbell, March 3, 2017

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