Drug Charges

Drug Charges

We Challenge Drug Charges Immediately

With the war on drugs, drug charges and convictions are becoming increasingly common as the penalties become more severe. For any individual facing criminal drug crimes charges, it is critical to consult with an attorney as soon as possible regarding the details of your case. At the outset of your case, we will begin an immediate investigation focused on challenging the evidence presented against you. Our attorneys will consult with witnesses, review records, and identify any illegal conduct that may have taken place before or after your arrest. You have Constitutional rights that must be preserved by law enforcement officers. Any illegal search of your person, car or home will mean that the evidence obtained cannot be used against you.

Did Police Follow Procedure?

Drug crimes cases are technical and often turn on a procedural error or technicality. An attorney who understands the landscape of the law and the actual production or manufacture of a drug can effectively articulate your defense and your rights. At The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, we will ensure that you do not make any statements before you are apprised of your right to counsel or your right to remain silent. The police must have probable cause before searching you, your car or your home. We will thoroughly review and investigate the facts of your case to challenge any evidence that was illegally obtained. For more information about drug charges defense, please contact our office. Our drug charges defense attorneys handle all state cases, including:

  • Possession: intent to distribute, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy or meth
  • Distribution
  • Manufacture: meth lab cases, meth production
  • Prescription drug crimes

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