Challenging Breath Test And Blood Test Evidence

Challenging Breath Test And Blood Test Evidence

Breath Tests Do Not Guarantee A Conviction

If you are arrested for DWI in Missouri, many unwanted things can happen. You can lose your driver’s license. You can be ordered to pay large fines. You can be required to install an ignition interlock device to enable you to start your vehicle. You can even receive a jail sentence. Most drunk driving arrests are made after a driver fails a breath test or blood test, or when a driver refuses to take one of those tests when asked to do so. However, some DWI charges can be fought successfully by challenging breath test and blood test evidence. With the help of an experienced defense attorney, this can be done in different ways.

Our Commitment To Defending You

At The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, our defense attorneys have extensive experience with DWI cases. We know how to challenge the reliability and legality of breathalyzer devices, field sobriety testing, and the actions of law enforcement officers. Our firm can help you protect your legal rights and your driving privileges if your case involves:

  • A misdemeanor or felony DWI
  • Refusal or failure to take a breath test, which leads to an automatic one-year loss of driving privileges — unless you appeal within 30 days
  • Appealing a charge if you provided a breath, blood or urine sample
  • A probation violation

Every DWI case is different, and every blood alcohol test result is different. If you have questions about how to defend yourself against drunk driving or breath test refusal, we can answer them and help you understand your legal rights.

Do Not Hesitate To Seek Help

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