Dangerous road known for car accidents claims father and baby

Missouri residents may sympathize with a mother who recently lost both her husband and their baby in a car accident. The accident occurred on a dangerous stretch of Highway 47 where hills and curves and absent shoulders have reportedly seen many car accidents. The surviving mother is urging authorities to bring about changes to improve the safety of this road.

The accident report states that the mother and father, ages 21 and 22 respectively, along with their son who was only 1 year old, were en route on Highway 47 when another vehicle crashed into them. The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating the accident, but initial reports state that an approaching vehicle crossed over the center of the road and smashed head-on into the car carrying the young family. Further investigation may reveal the reason for the driver crossing over, along with the speed that was traveled when the accident occurred.

The other car’s driver and the baby were both declared dead at the accident scene. The father was transported to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries. The mother’s injuries were not severe, but she remained hospitalized at the time of the report.

In addition to experiencing the tragic loss of both her loved ones, this young mother is likely facing high medical and end-of-life costs. While no amount of money can ever fill their places in her heart, pursuing recovery of damages may ease the financial burden that is commonly associated with car accidents. She retains the right to file claims for the wrongful deaths of her loved ones, along with a personal injury claim for her own expenses. The estate of the deceased driver of the other car will have to be named as the defendant. If negligence can be proved to have caused the deaths and injury, a Missouri civil court may award monetary restitution along with any other compensation allowed by state laws.

Source: myfoxdetroit.com, “Survivor Of Fatal Crash Calls For Change“, , Sept. 30, 2014