Determining compensable losses after car accidents is complicated

After suffering injuries in an automobile accident, it is not uncommon for a victim to be unsure of the steps to take to relieve the financial and emotional consequences. Car accidents on Missouri roads can result in life-changing injuries, and, in some cases, even death. The negligence of others causes many of these accidents, and if such negligence can be proved, those responsible parties can be held accountable.

Severely injured victims of car accidents who are fortunate enough to survive will likely face many challenges in the aftermath of the crash. Calculating the compensable value of one’s injuries, along with the physical limitations that may follow, is a complicated process. These may include extended hospital stays, loss of past and future income and varying levels of emotional and physical damage.

Determining which losses are claimable in a civil lawsuit may be better left to an experienced personal injury attorney who can provide the necessary assistance. In cases of catastrophic injuries, a lawyer can also calculate future medical expenses and supporting equipment that may be required by the victim. Structural modifications may be required for wheelchair accessibility when applicable, and the costs of such modifications may cause financial instability.

The experienced attorneys at The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, can assist the victims of car accidents in Missouri in dealing with insurance companies who — in some cases — do not have the best interests of the injured parties at heart. We can facilitate settlement negotiations, but in cases that go to litigation, our experienced attorneys will advocate on behalf of their clients. Our goal will always be to obtain a monetary judgment that will assist the injured victim to live a normal life after suffering serious car accident injuries.