Disabled man one more victim of pedestrian accidents in Missouri

Not many hit-and-run accident victims are fortunate enough to survive. Was it not for the concern of a passerby, a disabled Missouri man may not have lived to tell his story. In one of too many pedestrian accidents, a hit-and-run victim was left for dead on the side of the road.

Police from Calverton Park reported that the 65-year-old man was struck down by a car on a recent Sunday near an intersection on I-270. They related that the driver of the vehicle had driven off, and a search to locate him or her was underway. They have obtained images that show a section of the vehicle, believed to be a Chevy Monte Carlo with right-side damage.

The victim, who walks with the aid of a prosthetic leg, was apparently left unconscious after a car knocked him down. A concerned member of the public came upon him and called 911. The man claims to have suffered severe injuries that created the need for a wheelchair to enable him to move about during the weeks of his recovery.

Police often identify suspected hit-and-run drivers after piecing together clues and evidence from the scenes of pedestrian accidents. When they do, the accused driver may face multiple criminal charges related to the accident. At that time, the injured victim may want to pursue a civil claim of personal injury in an attempt to secure recovery of medical and other expenses that were brought about by the accident. After successful presentation of such a claim in a Missouri civil court, monetary damages may be awarded to cover such claims, along with additional compensation that is allowed by Missouri state laws.

Source: kmov.com, “Handicapped man seriously hurt after hit-and-run in St. Louis County”, , June 2, 2014