Distracted driver crashes put roadside workers in danger

Distracted driver crashes put roadside workers in danger

Drivers who are on the road in Missouri and are trying to get to their destination want to do so as quickly and smoothly as possible. Frequently, they are in a rush and trying to multitask. That can include using a smartphone for various reasons. This can lead to being a distracted driver and putting others in danger. While this endangers other drivers and pedestrians, it also risks the lives of roadside workers. Given the number of crashes involving roadside workers and that they are happening more often, this is a concern that must be addressed.

Drivers are being told by the Missouri Department of Transportation that they should watch the road and avoid distractions. This is after there were two crashes in which vehicles ran into roadside trucks because of distracted drivers.

In one accident, a work truck was rear-ended as workers cleaned one of the lanes on the interstate. The other accident involved a driver who looked down to plug in the vehicle cigarette lighter and crashed into a different truck.

Fortunately, in these incidents, the drivers and workers were uninjured. But, they could easily have been hurt. Given the speeds, an accident might lead to serious injuries and fatalities. This is worrisome.

Although these accidents did not result in injuries, it is highly possible that similar crashes will in the future. People who are working on the road know what they are facing, but that does not make it acceptable for drivers to be distracted and crash into them as they are going about their duties. Such an accident against vulnerable people can cause serious injuries and death. They will lose time on the job, have massive medical bills and other problems. Calling a law firm that has experience in all kinds of motor vehicle accidents is key when there is a distracted driving crash and to receive adequate compensation.

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