Distracted driving often leads to car accidents

Distracted driving often leads to car accidents

Texting while driving, talking with passengers or even a negative state of mind can all lead to distracted drivers. Serious accidents can easily occur when a driver is distracted and these unaware drivers cause car accidents on a regular basis. A recent accident in Missouri that could be attributed to distracted driving caused one fatality and left another man with severe injuries.

The accident involving two male drivers took place in St. Charles County. The victim in the accident was on his way home from work when the other vehicle hit his car head-on. Police stated that the second driver was traveling south in the northbound lane of the highway. Reports do not indicate what caused the driver to be going in the wrong direction.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol revealed that neither of the men were wearing their seat belts. This led to severe injuries on both sides. The 24-year-old victim tragically died at the scene of the accident. The other driver was airlifted to a local hospital in serious condition.

Though nothing can replace the loss of a life, the victim’s family may still seek justice in civil court. An experienced Missouri attorney could help them file a wrongful death claim which could then provide them with monetary damages if successful. This financial compensation could help to pay funeral costs and any other expenses related to the accident. Victims of car accidents like this one can speak with an attorney to determine the best course of action for their case.

Source: stltoday.com, “Alton man killed by wrong-way driver in St. Charles County“, Jesse Bogan, Feb. 20, 2017

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