Child Support And Spousal Support

Child Support And Spousal Support

A Legal Advocate for You and Your Child

As a parent, you want nothing more than to have the financial ability to provide for your child’s most basic needs. Unfortunately, this can prove extremely difficult during and following a divorce. To ensure you and your child are given the security you need to move forward, it is important to consult the advice and guidance of an experienced child and spousal support attorney. At The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, we recognize the financial challenges that both parents face throughout and after the divorce process. In today’s economy, financial security is hard to come by. To that end, we will work endlessly to develop a plan that will best benefit your unique situation.

Guidance Through Spousal And Child Support

Child support and spousal support (or spousal maintenance) are awarded to parties based upon state-mandated laws and guidelines.

Child support: When considering child support orders, Missouri courts consider factors such as income, percentage of time each parent has with the children, number of children, health care costs, day care expenses, college expenses and secondary education expenses. Child support orders may be modified when there has been a substantial change of circumstances for either party.

Spousal support: Maintenance is generally awarded if a spouse lacks sufficient property to provide for his or her reasonable needs, and is therefore unable to support himself or herself. Once maintenance is awarded, it is typically awarded for life — it is primarily nonmodifiable.

Many of our clients are confused as to how these guidelines apply to their situation after a divorce. When you come into our office, you will sit down with an attorney one-on-one to discuss what the child support and spousal support laws mean to you and your case. We will then be able to determine the best steps to take to provide you with the positive resolutions you need.

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