Paternity Is Essential To Custody Cases

A paternity issue can arise in a number of family situations. Parenting time and financial obligations are two of the biggest issues when it comes to paternity actions. For mothers, fathers and children alike, the issue of paternity can be very emotional. However, it is extremely important to understand the law and what it means to your situation. If you have questions about your paternity rights, we have answers. At The Johnson Law Firm, LLC, we represent both fathers and mothers in paternity actions. To learn more about the legal process, contact us to speak with one of our experienced attorneys.

Paternity Testing and What It Means For You

In the state of Missouri, a legal relationship between a father and child is not assumed unless the mother and father were married at the time of birth. This can present problems and frustrations for fathers who are prevented from seeing their child after birth. Conversely, some men find themselves in situations where they are being asked for money to support a child they do not believe is theirs. In either situation, it is important to know and understand your paternity rights. Whether you are proactively trying to determine paternity or are trying to defend a paternity action against you, our lawyers can help. Establishing paternity can be as simple as a routine DNA test. However, to obtain the cooperation of the parties involved, legal action may be necessary.

Representing Mothers

We understand that as a mother, you desire nothing more than to be able to provide for your child. If the father of your child is ignoring his responsibilities as a parent, you have the right to hold him accountable for the financial support your child needs.

Contact Our Attorneys Regarding Any Paternity Issue

Missouri paternity law is very complex and often changing. Our paternity lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of you and your child. To schedule a consultation to discuss your rights and options, call 636-970-3700. Our office is in St. Charles.

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