Driver and 3 passengers suffer personal injury in Missouri crash

Missouri motorists may realize the severe consequences that may result from a moment’s distraction while driving. Single vehicle car accidents are often reported as incidents of drivers unintentionally moving off the roadway, and then crashing after over correction. Such accidents can turn an outing into a tragedy in a split second, often resulting in personal injury or even death.

The four occupants of a car that recently crashed in Vandalia were fortunate not to lose their lives after the car they were traveling in reportedly veered off the roadway, and then struck a mailbox. Instinctively, the driver allegedly attempted to get back onto the road, but overcorrection sent the car careening across the road and into the bank along Route 5. The car rolled over and was on fire within moments.

The Highway Patrol officers reported that the 44-year-old female driver and one 18-year-old passenger were airlifted to two different medical centers. Two other passengers, ages 19 and 20 respectively, were transported to a regional hospital. No information about the severity of the injuries was supplied.

The fact that the passengers may be relatives, acquaintances or friends of the driver does not have to deter them from pursuing recovery of damages incurred in the accident. Financial difficulties can result when injured passengers are faced with medical expenses and possible loss of income. Victims retain the right to file personal injury claims in a Missouri civil court. After the successful presentation of the claims, the court may award a monetary judgment to assist in covering medical expenses, along with additional damages as allowed by state laws.

Source:, “Four hurt in Pike County, Mo., crash“, , June 20, 2014