Driver dies in one of four fatal June car accidents in same area

Driver dies in one of four fatal June car accidents in same area

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that the recent death of a pickup-truck driver in its Troop B 16-county area was the fourth fatality this month. The other three deaths occurred in two separate fatal car accidents on one day in June. Authorities are likely concerned as there have been 10 fatal accidents prior to this one so far this year.

MSHP reported that a fatal car accident occurred in the late afternoon of a recent Wednesday. An accident report states that a 59-year-old driver was westbound on Missouri 156 in a pickup truck when an eastbound vehicle traveled into his path. The collision that followed caused both trucks to burst into flames.

The driver of the eastbound vehicle died at the accident scene, and his death was pronounced just over an hour later. The westbound driver was airlifted to a hospital. The severity of his injuries was not mentioned. MSHP said the driver who survived was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, but officers were unsure of whether the deceased driver was restrained.

When Missouri drivers are negligent and cause fatal car accidents, the surviving families of those who lost their lives are entitled to seek financial compensation from the alleged negligent drivers. They retain the right to file wrongful death claims in civil court. By successfully presenting documented evidence of negligence in court, monetary compensation for end-of-life expenses may be awarded. Obtaining evidence to substantiate a wrongful death claim may be tricky, and some families choose to retain the services of experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys to provide assistance.

Source:, “Shelbyville man dies in fiery collision of two trucks“, June 18, 2015

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