Drunk driving can cause fatal pedestrian and car accidents

Missouri interstates and highways can be a challenge to navigate under the best of circumstances. Accidents and road construction can add to the congestion and need to drive cautiously. In the event of an accident or road construction, caution should also be used in watching out for individuals working in the vicinity. Car accidents in these areas can prove deadly for the worker.

In Sept. 2012, a Missouri Department of Transportation worker was placing cones along the roadway because of an accident near Highway 291 and I-70. While he was in the process of doing this, an alleged drunk driver barreled into the warning cones. The driver then struck the transportation worker. This accident proved deadly for the worker.

The driver in this case is facing involuntary manslaughter charges. Reports suggest that he was also legally drunk at the time of the accident. As his court date approaches, it is expected that this driver will plead guilty to the manslaughter charges. It is uncertain if any other traffic or DUI charges are still pending.

This Missouri family has been grieving the loss of their son, brother and uncle as a result of this accident. While justice can be served in criminal court, it can do nothing to alter the final outcome for this family. In an effort to seek financial restitution and consolation, this family may also decide to purse civil litigation against the driver. Car accidents in which an individual dies because of an alleged drunk driver are far too common in Missouri and throughout the country, but obtaining financial restitution can help alleviate some of a family’s economic suffering.

Source: fox4kc.com, Plea anticipated from man accused of driving drunk in fatal crash, Eric Burke, Jan. 22, 2014