Fall-injury rates see Missouri slipping behind national averages

Fall-injury rates see Missouri slipping behind national averages

Heading into town shouldn’t come with an inherent risk, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case in Missouri. Shop owners are generally expected to keep their property safe, but sometimes hazardous conditions can leave you hurting.

The rate of injury in Missouri due to a fall is 31% higher than the national average, and that can add up to some hefty medical costs. But if you’re the victim of a slip and fall accident, the burden of these medical bills may not be entirely on your shoulders.

Obligations to safety

Slip-and-falls aren’t always due to clumsiness. Sometimes you can attribute them to negligence. If you’re hurt on someone else’s property, a court may decide that they had a responsibly to protect you from harm.

Counting negligence

If there are known hazards, then the property owner usually has a responsibility to clean things up in a timely manner or take precautions toward warning people that there is danger present. Owners can handle this in a number of ways:

  • Posting a sign illustrating the issue
  • Taping off the area where the hazard resides
  • Placing cones on the floor around the area

Tracking evidence

If an owner’s negligence may have led to your injury, it’s generally in your best interest to document any evidence that this is the case. Make note of all the signs that there’s trouble, and do your best to illustrate how these symptoms lead to your fall:

  • Missing handrails on a staircase
  • Prevalent ice on the premises
  • Leaks that cause water to pool
  • Uneven flooring or torn carpet
  • Cords running across walkways

A fall can lead to serious problems, so make sure you are setting yourself up to get the compensation you deserve. Knowing what can count as negligence, and documenting everything that could help your case may be the difference when it comes time to pay those rising medical costs.